You're Not Sweating or Shivering in the House of your Dreams

You're Not Sweating or Shivering in the House of your Dreams

New construction HVAC installations in Bakersfield, CA

Congratulations on finally building your dream home in the Bakersfield, California area! Before you get to the fun stuff, like choosing paint colors and picking out furniture, you need to address the guts of your house including essential systems. The talented team at Valley Air Systems can install your brand-new heating and cooling system. We’ll work directly with your general contractor to design the most convenient and efficient system for your house. Contact us at 661-667-1062 for a free estimate.

HVAC Services in Bakersfield, CA

4 tips for new construction HVAC installation

Are you ready to get started installing a new HVAC system in your home? Read these four tips first:

  1. Make sure your new ductwork is the correct size for your house. Improperly sized ductwork won't heat or cool your space effectively.
  2. Insulate your ductwork. This will help to ensure that your HVAC system does its job efficiently.
  3. Install your ductwork with the fewest possible sharp turns. Air flows better straight and around smooth curves than around sharp corners.
  4. Hire an expert. There are better DIY projects to take on in your new home. Leave the HVAC installation to a team of licensed professionals.

Make your dream house the comfortable living space you've always imagined. Reach out to Valley Air Systems to speak with an HVAC expert about your new ductwork.